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About the Community
Lost Ships Stillness is an icon challenge community for the different ships in the ABC series "Lost." Each week, I'll post one shippy screencap/picture/magazine scan. You get to take that picture and make it into an icon using all the resources you'd like, as long as they are within the rules.
1. Your icon cannot be animated, but you can use text, brushes, textures, borders,gradients, etc, etc.
2. Don't post the submission in communities or your journal until voting is over.
3. Voting for yourself is discouraged. Since this community is members-only, your friends can't vote for you. Anonymous voting is disabled in the community.
4. The icon has to fit the LJ icon requirements: 100x100 pixels and less than 40kb. Also, you must submit it in .gif, .png, or .jpg/jpeg form.
5. Slash is allowed in challenges where one specific het ship is not specified.
6. Nothing smutty or inappropriate. Try to keep it a pg-13 rating, please.
7. Submit your icon in the following format:

Yes/No I would/would not like a banner if I place.

In addition, individual challenges may have other rules that apply only to that challenge.
On Thursday, a new picture and challenge will be posted. You will have until Monday to post the icons. Voting will go up that same Monday (usually, I might get it up a day late), and will continue until Wednesday. I'll post the winners either that night or the next day with the new challenge. I'll try to stay on top of it, but as always, life happens and I might screw up every one and a while.
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-The image header for this layout (v1-Charlie/Claire) uses textures and brushes from www.ofthesky.net and www.1greeneye.net. The pictures are from Lost Media.