runaway_elf (runaway_elf) wrote in lost_ships,

Challenge 2

Eek! I'm so sorry, it's only the second challenge and I'm late! It was just crappy real life timing. I'm sorry! Also, my current schedule for running things sucks. The new one is as follows:
-New challenge posted Monday.
-Submit icons until Friday.
-Voting on Saturday/Sunday.
-Results posted.
-New challenge.

Anyway, this week is an image-challenge. The only additional rule this week is no manipulations. You can only use this image, nothing else. (BUT, you can manipulate this image into itself.)

The deadline is this Friday, the 18th, and that will start off the new (and hopefully permanent!) schedule.
Please say whether or not you want a banner if you place.

Thanks, and good luck!

*Image from Lost Media.
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